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Lose up to 10% of your body weight in 10 days!

What is The Thoman Tube Diet?

The Thoman Tube Diet uses a unique system of medical ketogenesis to achieve rapid weight loss in 10 days. Our success stories will show you how this diet stimulates rapid fat break-down while simultaneously providing essential body nutrients. A tiny feeding tube is placed into the stomach, supplying a constant, around the clock protein stimulation to your metabolism. This feeding tube is connected to the protein formula, which is carried in a small purse. It is worn 24 hours a day for 10 days. During this time the patient does not need to eat any food, as all their nutrition is fully supplied by the formula. They can freely drink liquids (as long as they are calorie-free), such as water or black coffee.
Our patients do not feel hungry. Instead, they watch their bodies transform into leaner, thinner, healthier bodies. We provide close medical supervision, such as pre and post-diet blood work and physical exams.

Who is Dr. Thoman?

Dr. ThomanDr. David Thoman is a Board Certified Surgeon specializing in weight loss surgery. He is a national leader in surgical weight loss and has been conducting research on medical diets for over 20 years. The Thoman Tube Diet is a result of his extensive research and combines the modalities of medical ketogenesis and metabolism stimulation. Dr. Thoman has performed thousands of Gastric Bypass and Lap Band surgeries and is the Director of Bariatrics at Santa Barbara Cottage Hospital in Santa Barbara, California.

Why Does This Diet Work?

The Thoman Tube Diet combines two modalities to achieve rapid weight loss: medical ketogenesis and metabolic stimulation. The unique protein rich formula has been created after 20 years of research and contains no carbohydrates or fat. A body being nourished by this formula will turn on ketogenesis after approximately 48 hours, which causes rapid break-down of fat storages. Simultaneously, the body's metabolism is being stimulated to high levels from the constant, 24 hour a day nutritional supply. It is the combination of these two techniques which leads to rapid fat metabolism and weight loss.

How Much Does the Thoman Tube Diet Cost?

The Thoman Tube Diet costs a fraction of the more traditional weight loss surgeries, including Gastric Bypass and the Lap Band. It is affordable for anyone. Our weight loss specialists will work with you to devise a payment plan that is within your reach. Call our office today for more information.